How to Optimize Google My Business

Whenever we search for something online,  google comes in our mind.Now here we are discussing one feature of google that is google my business.It is a free tool which has been made by Google .To achieve that one needs to fill some details on Google My Business (GMB) which is also known as creating listings.

1:How to Create GMB Listings?

The process is very simple .First you need to visit the website by conducting an online search and be ensure that your business is not already listed on GMB.

  • Create an account on GMB by visiting and then clicking on the ‘Start Now’ button.
  • Google will then ask for a questions about your business which will make it easier to search for your by costomer about your company on Google Maps and Search.
  • It is highly recommended to fill out all the basic data because if you don’t, then someone else will, which can be someone random or a competitor.

It can be done that Google may or may not inform you about any changes which are made to your business listing.

2:New Features and Benefits of GMB Listings

GMB listings provide businesses for managing their online presence across multiple platforms such as Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Using one dashboard, business users can now post content, track analytics, current customers concerns, post reviews, start conversation, website information.

3:Some of the features and benefits of GMB optimization are :

1:Google Posts-

It will appear in search results when users search using the name of your organization. To facilitate ease of access, a number of options such as drafting texts, uploading images and the provision for adding the title of an event have been provided.

2:How to Access Google Posts-

  • Now login to your GMB account and search the ‘Posts’ option on the left side menu. Here, you will also get options for post of up to 300 words, of which only 60-70 characters will show on mobile and desktop display if the CTA button is used.
  • The option also offers the feature for uploading images regarding you business. The images used should be of high-resolution (JPG or PNG) with a mandatory 4:3 ratio. Thus, the minimum dimension needed is 400X300 pixels and size would be of 5-10 KB.
  • The posts will appear on Search and Maps results and will be removed after seven days of publication or after the event date has passed.

4:GMB for Lead Generation

It allows 30-second video snippets and up to 100 MB with a resolution of 720p or higher of your company.

  • Go to the option for adding videos under the ‘Overview’ tab, and if that is not available, then you can click on the blue + sign to do the needful.
  • Drag and drop the video which you would like to add. The maximum time should be for the videos to be displayed is 24 hours. In most cases, however, they begin appearing just a few minutes after they are added.
  • Once if you have added two or more videos on GMB listing, a ‘Videos’ subtab gets displayed in mobile devices.


This provides a big benefit to a new business ,Google My Business optimization allows you (business owners) to chat directly with clients who found them through the search results on a mobile device. However, it is required to respond as quickly as possible as the average response time will be displayed to the user, which will add to their experiences.

How to Enable Google Chats/Messages

  • Find the ‘Chat’ card under the “Home” menu and enter your phone number to enable receiving texts.
  • You can continue receiving texts even after your business hours. You can Turn of the feature in case you do not want to receive messages after business hours.
  • Do not provide any sensitive information using GMB messaging feature in your business account.

6:Appointment URLs (Uniform Resource Locator)

There are many businesses in which you require clients to book an appointment before making a visit. For this, GMB enables in which you can have a link to make a direct appointment.

How to Add Google URL

  • Visit the URL’s section and enter the URL which is to be added of your business.
  • The best recourse here would be to add the link in the ‘Contact Us’ page.
  • Once the link has been added, click on it to check whether it is working properly or not.

7:It’s time for Questions and Answers

Clients can ask questions to business owners using this feature related to you business. This feature is only on Android devices currently. In order to receive notifications to questions asked or answered,  business owners need to have access to Google Maps.

8:Measuring your Listing

It is highly recommended to measure the impact of your listing done on Google My Business and there are tools available which help you do that. The benefit of these tools is many. For this:

  • They help in how customers are finding you online (direct – when people know about you and search using your name or address or discovery – people who do not know about your business but find you by searching for the business type or category or keyword which you have mentioned in your listing).
  • Where (i.e. whether on Search or on Maps) are people finding your business listing,
  • Where are the customers living, and the number of phone calls and the time at which they are calling can measure.

9:GMB Online Reviews

Unlike Yelp, Google encourages business owners who can ask their clients for reviews. Business reviews help your business by which how you can improve search result rankings and what costumer actually saying about your business. It is highly required to respond to reviews because it means that you appreciate the feedback.

10:Business Reviews

This is a recently list of features which has been added by Google. It allows 750 characters should be added in the business description. Of these, however, only 250 characters will show up and the rest will be truncated in the Knowledge Panel.

On a desktop, the business description appears towards the bottom and on a mobile device, it is visible if one clicks on the ‘About’ tab.

11:Services List

If your company provides a wide variety of services which you would like people to see, then you will be glad to know that GMB offers a Services list.

How to use Google’s Services List

  • It is available under the ‘Info’ tab.
  • You can categorize the services
  • You can Show the prices of each item as well .
  • Update the prices in case of a changes required


There are many ways in which a customer can find your business online, So Google is the search engine you can trust. Google My Business and Google plus not only provides them with all relevant information, but it acts as a platform for engaging with them it will help in generating leads.

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